Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is Celerem Now launching its service?

Celerem now is expecting to launch Predictive Dynamic DeliveryTM in Q3 2018.  Between now and then there will be soft launches for integration software and our analytic tools.

How much does the service cost?

This is a great question.  The cost of transportation will depend on a number of factors including quantity of packages shipped, the size and weight of the packages as well as your origin and destination locations. Lets get started by analyzing your current shipping characteristics, contact us here.

What is Predictive Dynamic DeliveryTM?

Predictive Dynamic DeliveryTM (PDD) is an innovative transportation solution, enabling same day shipping without having to store inventory all over the United States. Predictive Dynamic DeliveryTM works best for vendors who have an average sales velocity of one unit per product per day to major markets.  Most vendors have some products that will not meet this threshold and others that do.  Have us complete a no obligation sales history review, and we can tell you if we’re right for you.

How does it work?

Integrated with your shopping cart, our software using near term predictive analytics to determine future sales by market by product.  With our delivery partners we’re able to cost effectively ship items without knowing the final customer at the time of shipment.  The software then matches real customer orders with matching packages already in transit and re-directs them to the final location.  By tracking where the packages are and knowing where your customer’s delivery location is, our software will promise same-day, next day or 2 day delivery all for low cost ground prices.

Are there any products you can not handle?

Celerem now will not ship dangerous goods or hazardous products.  We also have size and weight limitations.  Contact us if you have specific questions about your products.

Can I use the software without the transportation services?

Absolutely, that said, the benefit is designed to be maximized when using the integrated transportation solutions.  Contact us for pricing.